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T-Engine Forum Summary

Who is T-Engine Forum?

T-Engine Forum is an NPO with the activity of international scope to promote the standards to improve the efficiency of real-time embedded systems development and to develop the infrastructure for context-awareness to implement ubiquitous computing environment. (The original ideas behind the standards were proposed by Dr. Ken Sakamura, Chair of T-Engine Forum, and Professor at the University of Tokyo.)
T-Engine Forum conducts the following:

  • Designs the specification of T-Kernel, provides open source code, and disseminates middleware and development environment.
  • Designs and maintains ITRON specification.
  • Designs the specification of ucode, which is the universal number to identify objects and places, as well as of Ubiquitous ID architecture.
  • Operates Ubiquitous ID Center, which is in chanrge of issuing and managing ucode.
  • Conducts standardization activities toward achieving ubiquitous computing environment, and works with governmental and international organizations.

Membership Advantages

Members can

  • participate in WGs, propose and design various specifications.
  • obtain software and related documents prior to the release to the public.

    • T-Kernel Advance Release Version, μT-Kernel TEST Suite, Guideline for Low Power Consumption Implementation, etc.
    • pre-release information on updates of software that is released to the public including T-Kernel.
  • participate in seminars that are held by T-Engine Forum about 20 times a year for free.

    • seminars related to embedded and ubiquitous technology with practical training.
    • the members of the forum can participate in these seminars for free. There is a limit of the number of participants who can attend for free depending on the membership types.
  • take the TRON Engineer Certification Examination at a discount.
  • communicate with other members and use service to introduce each other’s products.
  • introduce their own products through the T-Engine Forum website and e-mail magazines.
  • participate in committees and general meetings.
  • obtain“ TRONWARE,” a magazine that provides the latest information on TRON Project and ubiquitous computing, for free.
  • support joint overseas promotion activities.

Various Meetings

Executive Committee
[Only Executive Committee members can attend]

  • Decision-making body which approves the deliberations submitted by Committee and the WGs immediately under Executive Committee, and determines the policies and strategies of T-Engine Forum.

Technical Report Committee
[In principle, A- and Executive Committee members can attend]

  • Meeting where technical reports are presented as part of Executive Committee. This is where the activities of discussion groups and WGs are reported, and matters that need to be settled proposed by WGs are deliberated and decided upon.

Tokyo Ubiquitous Technology Project Committee
[Participation fee is required in addition to the annual membership fee.]

  • Special Committee which performs paperwork and field operation for private sector experiments in the feasibility study experiments for Tokyo Ubiquitous Technology Project.

Working Groups (WG) and Sub-Working Groups (SWG)
[In principle, A- and Executive Committee members can attend]

  • Does the actual work such as studying particular topics.

New Technology and Application Discussion Group

  • Discussion group of self-motivated participants which studies new fields such as IoT and M2M

Technology WG

  • Shares information by collecting, analyzing, and examining the information provided to each technical SWG of T-Engine Forum, and manages the following SWGs.
  • T-Kernel 2.0 SWG

    • Reviews the specifications of the next generation OS “T2” family such as T-Kernel 2.0 and T2EX, evaluates its sample code, etc.
  • μT-Kernel SWG

    • Maintains μT-Kernel and reviews its specification for upgrade, etc.

    • Maintains ITRON specification OS and reviews extended specifications, etc.
  • Development Environment SWG

    • Examines the development environments available for T2 family, etc.
  • High Reliability SWG

    • Reviews the specifications to realize high reliability of TRON OS such as T2 family for ballooning and complicated embedded systems of today and the future, etc.

Ubiquitous ID System WG

  • Reviews the technical specifications, participates in international standardization activities and exchanges information regarding uID system, etc.

Marketing WG

  • Contributes to the development of TRON OS and uID technology by feeding back to Technology WG through the PR activities of the information offered by T-Engine Forum and public hearings.
  • Conducts PR activities for T-Kernel, T-Engine and uID technology by advising on the overall design and implementation of the website of T-Engine Forum and Ubiquitous ID Center and other activities. Conducts survey on embedded systems technology and uID technology at the venues of ET, TRONSHOW, etc., and analyzes the results.

Academic and Education WG

  • Examines the curricula of seminars on T-Kernel, ITRON specification OS and uID technology to promote these technologies widely through the proper implementation of the seminars.
  • Holds seminars on T-Kernel, ITRON specification OS and uID technology based on the curricula designed by Academic and Education WG, and conducts the TRON Engineer Certification Examination.
    Conducts programming contests where participants solve assignments using T2 family technology.

Large Character Sets Application WG

  • Studies the applications of Large-Character-Sets technology using TRON code.

TRON Enableware Research Group (equivalent to a WG)

  • Research group equivalent to WG, that studies specific ways to help the physically-challenged using the technologies of embedded systems and ubiquitous computing.

The TRON Engineer Certification Examination Development Panel (equivalent to a WG)

  • Closed-door committee which develops the questions of the TRON Engineer Certification Examination, and maintains the quality of the exam.

The TRON Engineer Certification Examination

Many problems occur due to the lack of criteria to measure technical skills objectively when development work is outsourced. Such outsourcing happens often due to the scarcity of embedded engineers. To resolve them, T-Engine Forum conducts the “TRON Engineer Certification Examination.” The purposes of the examination are to objectively measure the technical skills of engineers who use embedded real-time OS such as T-Kernel and ITRON specification OS, etc., in order to improve the status of engineers with high technological skills and to stimulate the entire embedded systems industry.

  • The examination is for embedded real-time systems development engineers in companies that utilize or consider utilizing TRON specification OS such as T-Kernel and ITRON specification OS, etc.
  • The examination time is 90 minutes.
  • The perfect score is 100 points, and a pass/fail judgment is not made.
  • T-Engine Forum members can take the examination at a discount.

Ubiquitous ID Center

  • T-Engine Forum operates Ubiquitous ID Center that issues and manages ucodes.
  • Developing and certifying the following core technology for ucodes:

    • Data carrier devices to store ucodes (RFIDs, smart cards, active chips, etc.)
    • Devices that communicate with data carrier devices (Ubiquitous Communicators)
    • Communication infrastructure that can retrieve information associated with ucodes
    • Secure wide-area distributed systems for ucodes and information associated with the ucodes
  • Supporting overseas branches of Ubiquitous ID Center, which issue and manage ucodes abroad
  • Collecting and providing information toward the realization of ubiquitous computing environments
  • Conducting standardization activities and coordinating with government agencies or international organizations toward the realization of ubiquitous computing environments

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