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Notification of Seminars and Symposiums

T-Engine Forum holds many seminars and symposiums for the members and non-members.

Click here for the annual schedule.

Seminars held by the members are also introduced. If you wish to contribute such information, please make inquiries at the T-Engine Forum Secretariat (office@t-engine.org


Symposiums, etc.


T-Engine Forum Seminars

Approximately 20 embedded systems/ubiquitous ID seminars with hands-on practice are held by T-Engine Forum each year. The member of the forum can participate in these seminars for free. There is a limit of the number of participants who can attend for free depending on the membership types.
The content widely ranges in various fields from basic course to hands-on practice. It is recommended to attend a lecture and the related hands-on practice.

To learn the basics of embedded real-time system and try real-time OS programming:

【Seminar】 Introduction to ITRON/T-Kernel
【Hands-on Practice】 Introduction to μT-Kernel(Beginners Course)
【Hands-on Practice】 Introduction to T-Kernel 2.0(Beginners Course)
【Hands-on Practice】 Introduction to ITRON(Beginners Course)
【Saturday Seminar】 Introduction to T-Kernel 2.0

To learn the basics of ubiquitous ID system and try the traceability system:

【Seminar】 Introduction to Ubiquitous ID
【Seminar + Hands-on Practice】 Food Traceability Seminar

Workshop on TRON/Ubiquitous Computing Technology

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