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Open Specifications x T-Kernel

Open Specifications × T-Kernel

Open GL, POSIX, and TCP/IP are released as open specifications, and anyone can develop software using these specifications.
Software products that implement these open specifications for T-Kernel are released by various companies.



OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) is an open program interface specification for 2D/3D graphics.

Open GL is released as an open specification, and supports many systems. Also, Open GL is a cross-platform specification that can support UNIX work stations, PC UNIX, Windows, Mac OS, etc.

OpenGL ES (OpenGL for Embedded Systems) is also available as an interface for mobile devices and embedded systems. OpenGL ES library and solutions for T-Engine and μITRON are offered by various companies.


TCP/IP is a standard network protocol stack. It is used in a wide range of network nodes from servers to embedded devices.

TCP/IP running on T-Kernel and ITRON is sold by various companies.

T-Engine Forum has released a TCP/IP on TKSE (T-Kernel Standard Extension) to its members. The TCP/IP ported is based on NetBSD code, and provides BSD socket-compatible API.


POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface) is an open interface standard for operating systems. It has been created for the purpose of improving application portability under UNIX-like OSs. It has been implemented under different OSs such as Windows, also. Standard C library for TKSE also offers POSIX interface.

POSIX specification-compliant OSs are sold by various companies. Through POSIX interface, you can utilize the assets of UNIX and Linux on T-Engine.

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